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journey book campaign - december 2012 holiday cheer


This month, we'll do something a bit different.... by adding some holiday cheer to the Journey Book Campaign. 

We're asking you to buy a handful of extra holiday cards and send holiday wishes with a brief SOS message to the networks listed in this post. Something along these lines: "Wishing You Happy Holidays and Hoping to see 'Legend of the Seeker' return in 2013."

If you'd like to include a letter, please do so. It's always a plus.

-->Please ask for a 3rd season, or mini-series, or movie in your holiday card or letter. Re-runs and marathons would be great too!

Contacts for the month of December

The CW 

Mark Pedowitz
The CW
3300 W. Olive Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

Twitter: @cw_network
Online contact form: 


Paul Lee
Disney-ABC Television Group
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Twitter: @ABC_dotcom 


Ben Pyne [President, Global Distribution/Disney Media Networks]

Disney Media Networks
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
Twitter: @disneyabctv
Email: N/A

Ted Sarandos [Chief Content Officer] 
Netflix Inc. 
345 N Maple Drive 
Beverly Hills, CA 

Twitter: @netflix
Email: N/A


Michael Wright [President, Head of Programming]
Turner Network Television
3500 Olive Avenue, 15th floor
Burbank, CA 91505-4630

Twitter: @tntweknowdrama

Thank you for your continued support!

A very special thank you goes to Dragonfly for printing all those amazing Journey Book Campaign postcards Seeker fans have filled out at the fan tables everywhere throughout the year. And another big thank you to Deacon and AgentExtremis for researching opportunities and network contacts for the JBC. You guys rock the fandom!! ♥♥♥


Guinness Record Attempt on Facebook - We have 1.7 million comments!

Please continue to add your comments at the LotS/Guinness Record thread of Facebook this month:  We want to reach 2 million posts since another group is trying to beat our previous record of 1.2 million posts.  More information about this initiative can be found at There will be prizes as we reach specific milestones. Please stay tuned!

And always remember...

  • A postcard or letter is always the better option, and networks are more likely to respond to physical messages rather than digital ones.
  • Need ideas for your letter? Feel free to modify and personalize this template as needed.
  • Photos say more than a thousand words! If you want to include photos of fans campaigning at the conventions, you can find the most current photo albums (and videos) at
  • Your letter can simply be a brief note, so long as it is clear you want more Legend of the Seeker. ;)
  • Postcards are both inexpensive and very effective.
  • Be polite. The person who will read your message didn't cancel our show, we shouldn't treat them as if they did.
  • Tell them that 'Legend of the Seeker has an established fan base around the world. State that even with poor time slots, lack of promotion and erratic airing schedules, the series still managed to gain millions of dedicated followers. If given a chance, it could be one of the most popular shows currently on television!
  • Give them some proof points: you can find some great data on the International Ratings & Viewers thread on the forum, including detailed per-episode viewership information about LotS in Italy. You could print the thread and include it with your letters.
  • To request re-runs when we contact networks. Fans in Italy, Sweden and Romania have already succeeded in getting reruns back on the air after campaigning their local stations! LotS is also currently airing on the Disney Channel in Russia.
  • We have Terry Goodkind's support! [link]
  • To tell the networks that the fan base is growing with 2.5M viewers per episode in Germany and Italy respectively. Legend of the Seeker is currently also airing in France, UK, Finland, Sweden, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, and Croatia.The show has an estimated ~15M fans worldwide.
  • The November 1st/2011 Tweetathon of #LegendOfTheSeeker trended at #19 Worldwide :) [screenshot]
  • To watch and support LotS on Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, & DVD []
  • [NEW] Most importantly, remember to mention that ABC would be willing to sell LotS when writing to networks. Not necessary when writing to ABC/Disney (ask them to look for a buyer), or a LotS producer (ask them to fight for the show just as we are).
  • Keep in mind that money speaks in Hollywood (just like in any other industry), and other shows have come back in the past either because of high DVD sales (i.e. Family Guy) or high downloads (i.e. Arrested Development). Buying or gifting the DVDs is the best way to get our show back.
  • Please note once again that a letter or postcard carries much more weight than an email, tweet or facebook comment. Snail mail is always the best option. If you want to send a Seeker-themed postcard you can find many ready to print cards already made at The Seeker Picture Repository.

Noteworthy Campaigns

  • Over $39,000 raised in support of the series
  • Three ads [1 , 2] in major entertainment publications (Variety, THR x2)
  • Bus Shelter ad [photo here]
  • banner ad [shown here]
  • Google ads [screenshot here]
  • Facebook banner ad [found here]
  • Over 450 Season 1 & 2 DVDs donated to public libraries in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand - with support from Terry Goodkind, Craig Horner, and Bridget Regan!
  • International fan videos [LOTSvideo] and Save Our Seeker video from DragonCon [link]
  • The Seeker Wall - Faces of real fans who refuse to give up: []
  • More than 450,000 fans on the official Seeker page are still hoping for Season 3,
  • Over 52,000 (with a goal of 50,000) signatures on Petition Spot, making it the third most signed entertainment-related petition: {NOTE: Petition Spot website no longer exists}
  • Fan tables at conventions around the world [calendar here], with several thousand Seeker-themed posters [photo here], bookmarks [photo here] and iTunes downloads given away, plus fan panels, costume parades, etc - Dragon Con 2010 [photos here], RingCon 2010 [photos here], ROMICS 2010, [photos here, videos here], NYCC 2010 [photos here] and NYCC newsletter that went out to 25,000 people with ad sponsored by LotS fans [screenshot here], WonderCon 2011 [photos here], Naples Comicon 2011 [photos here], Big Apple Comic-Con [photos here], DragonCon 2011 [photos here].


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