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So its 3 hours early. I got excited.

Save Our Seeker Advertisement

Lets see how much money we can raise by making pretty things and doing dares. Seeker is about fun times and crack so why not our efforts as well! Keep in mind that this post is unlocked so nothing illegal (like fire sharing), but we can still have fun. Please try and donate by Sunday night even if you haven't recieved your items. People might have multiple things to do. This is all done on a good faith system.

How this works for the uninitiated:

If you can't donate or want to share your talents thats great! Make a comment telling people what you will do and for how much. For those who need pricing guidelines Fanfic is generally 1 dollar per 100 words (but if the prompt makes you go above and beyond don't charge more) Icons go for a dollar headers and larger graphics 2-3 and wallpapers or 5. You can offer more or less. You don't need to stick to fanfic and icons. Are you crafty? offer to make something. Macros, silly paint pictures, songs, fan videos and gifs are also really good ideas. Just use your best judgment when pricing.

If you can donate money still that's awesome! Look through the comments on this post. If someone has something you want tell them and donate. They will make what you want and get back to you asap. If you can't find someone who can do what you want ask. You may be surprised. You can also dare people to do something on twitter or make a certain icon a default for 24 hours. A good price for either of these is a dollar. Just wait until your limit is reached and make a mass donation. If you end up asking for a ton of things one mass donation is fine.

Once you donate please comment on my second comment on this post with how much you donated just for my own curiosity. I'll update totals periodically.

There is no set time for how long this goes but I'll stop keeping track on Monday and I will post a reminder on Saturday and Sunday in case people missed this.

Go forth have fun and donate!
This is the same button that has been going around halfabubble asked me to do this when I brought the idea up in a post yesterday.

Also feel free to use this code (with a slightly modified abs of truth banner) to link back to this post.

As of 2:30pm EDT on May 1st according to the donation tracker thread we have raised 101 dollars.
As of 1:45am EDT on May 4th according to the donation tracker thread we have raised 225 dollars.

This is by no means over. Keep donating and requesting!

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