Oneiroelpida (oneiroelpida) wrote in legendofseeker,

The Legend Charity Drive: Planning

Update Bajillion- The Official finalized link for information can be found here:

Okay, so, this is my first time actually making a new post in the community so I'm all shy. But I was thinking of causes that really fit with our particular fandom. Moonlight fans, for example, gave blood to the Red Cross as part of their campaigning (Moonlight was about a vampire detective, for those who don't know, who only drank blood from blood banks. In the show, one character remarks ironically, "The Red Cross does not mention that in their literature.") But... does anyone know a major, completely trustworthy fund for helping abused women? This occurs to me because we always talk about how strong the females of the show can be, and the upcoming episode is called "Unbroken". Whether the abuse is sexual, mental, or physical, what all women want afterwards is to feel they can be loved, have hope, and find a way to be 'unbroken'. I know because I'm one of them.

I feel like Legend of the Seeker holds up the ideals for women to have horrific pasts and still be kind, loving,strong, and most importantly, be accepted and loved in return. The problem is, I'm not sure what organization is best to donate to. At the very least, if someone knows one, perhaps they could say and a few of us might be inclined to donate in Legend of the Seeker's name? (Or perhaps, more specifically, Kahlan or Cara's names).

Edit EVEN MORE information:
One suggested site, which seems the most viable as it is international, was the United Nation's donations towards ending violence towards women. The donation site is here:

If you choose to send your donation as a tribute, it lets you add a message and pick a date for it to be sent. It SEEMS like the best idea right now is to send it to within ABC itself to present as a bargaining/we're not going away chip. Maybe either of these: ABC Vice President of Communications and Entertainment ABC Vice President of Media Relations
Is there a reason why they'd be bad to pick from?

If we can get the wheel on this moving quickly enough, we could have the e-card dated to send Saturday, so it would actually be sent on "Unbroken" day. I figure the E-card would probably just read that you are donating for the hopeful continuation of the portrayal of the strong women that Seeker shows on television. They exist in a world that yes, has violence towards women too, but are representations of hope that the past doesn't have to consume your future. With, of course, making sure you mention Legend of the Seeker and Save our Seeker. What do you all think?

UPDATE: Okay, this is still in the works! We have to keep stubborn on this. So, what do people think about just picking Hope. C. Hartman as the e-mail address? It'd be up to us to e-mail various news sources online that it's occurring, and there are people better than me in the community at doing that.

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