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14 May 2010 @ 01:36 pm
Dear Spirits! This journey book is all filled up!  
So, this fandom has already proven that it's awesome.  The group effort that made the Variety and The Hollywood Reporter ads possible is proof of that.  And we can get things trending on Twitter again and again like nobody's business.  Clearly we win at teamwork.  However, we've been tackling the process of contacting TV stations as something we each do individually.  While this is better than not doing it at all, think of how much more powerful it would be if (just like team awesome) we did it together.  En masse.

There has been some great discussion about this very idea started by Terraseer here.  Insider Jace supported it as well:

"Tactical/planned orginization is your greatest weapon here. To date they have been getting random messages here and there every couple of days. They can ignore that with ease. Now you focus everyone's collective voice/messages for a day or two onto one source at a time and make them hear you. Overwhelm their email servers if you have to. If you still get no response move onto the next target. You can always circle back round at a later date and hit them again."

And it's so true.  It's easy to ignore our pleas when they come in one by one, here and there.  Imagine how powerful a message it would send if a station was flooded with hundreds (hopefully thousands!) of polite, enthusiastic pleas in the span of a day.  It would give them something to talk about, which is just what we need.  So, with that in mind, I introduce you to:


I know when I'm told to CONTACT ALL STATIONS EVERYWHERE ASAP, I get very deer in the headlights and end up stuck because I'm just not sure where to begin.  It's overwhelming.  So, I think it makes sense to simplify things and handle this as visionhale has been suggesting, one station at a time, with a united message from all of Seeker fandom.  By this, I mean let's not just flail on various stations about how much we love Legend of the Seeker.  We're fandom.  They know we're good at flailing.  It's what we do.  Here the goal is to contact them with one specific request; that they pledge their willingness to listen to a pitch from ABC-Disney about Legend of the Seeker.  It's short, it's simple, and it gives us something we can wave at ABC, saying LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN YOUR SHOW!  That'd be some pretty powerful magic, you guys. 

I know people haven't had any a lot of luck hearing back from stations so far, but we've been contacting them from all over the place with a bunch of scattered pleas.  The idea here is to use one voice.  We want to ask them to either contact ABC-Disney directly, or to give us their pledge of willingness by emailing fandom at saveourseekerpledge@gmail.com, so that we can get it ready to pass on to TPTB.  If we all direct them to the same email account, we will look totes more united than D'Hara is right now.  And, you know, hopefully the address will get in their heads enough that they'll actually consider hitting reply.

Since visionhale already brought up the great idea of contacting TNT yesterday, that will be the first station this campaign focuses on.  The idea is to spend three days on a station before moving on to the next one.  Since we're coming up on the weekend, the mass emailing of TNT will take place Monday, May 17th, 9am-11am EST.  This should give us plenty of time to spread the word and get as many people as possible to open up their email accounts together, at the same time, with the same goal.  Obviously, unlike twitter trending, this does not mean send them continuous emails throughout those two hours.  One would be lovely, but if we all aim to get ours sent during those two hours, it should have the greatest impact.  The time is based on the American business day and the idea of starting their work week off with something for them to talk about, but if this is when you are normally sleeping, just try to get your email in on the same day.  It will still help with the overwhelming influx of pleas for the show.

When you contact them, in addition to asking them to pledge their willingness to consider airing Legend of the Seeker, it would be a great idea to direct them to SaveOurSeeker.com.  Clue them in to the Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter ads too because those are the crowning achievements of the campaign and the most likely to appeal to them, but try and keep it brief and, most importantly, keep it POLITE AND CLASSY LIKE WE ARE, YO, so they don't reach straight for delete.

A Sample Email, for those of us who are lazy and/or writer's blocked

Dear [Station],

I'm contacting your station as a fan of the first-run syndication show Legend of the Seeker, produced by ABC-Disney. [Please fangirl (or boy) here for a sentence or two about why the show is awesome to you.]

Legend of the Seeker is currently looking for a new home.  While the show has suffered from a lack of promotion and irregular airtimes, it has still managed to gain a very passionate fan following almost entirely through word of mouth.  We fans are campaigning to support Legend of the Seeker in its quest for a new home, and invite you to visit
http://www.saveourseeker.com/ to learn more about our efforts.  So far, we have raised nearly $10,000 and have successfully placed adverts for the show in both Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.  (For more on the ads and to view them, please visit http://www.saveourseeker.com/ad.html.) 

As the next step in ensuring the continuation of Legend of the Seeker for many more years to come, we fans would like to invite you to pledge your willingness to listen to a pitch by ABC-Disney about Legend of the Seeker.  If you would be interested in listening to such a pitch, please contact the fans at saveourseekerpledge@gmail.com, or get in touch with ABC-Disney directly.

There are millions of loyal Legend of the Seeker fans out there who would love to become loyal to your station.

Thank you for your time,

The Details

The contact email for TNT is tnt@turner.com

The time is Monday, May 17th, 9am-11am EST.

Tell them to get in touch with us at saveourseekerpledge@gmail.com

During the next three days, please consider taking the time to send them some good old-fashioned snail mail as well, since that carries far more weight than email.  You can send the exact same letter that you email, just print it out, (along with a print-out of the gorgeous Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter ads if you're feeling extra awesome) and then stick it all an envelop addressed to these guys:

1010 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta GA 30318

And, spread the word!  This will only work if we have everyone joining in, so please, please use the next three days to post about this anywhere and everywhere you might find Seeker fans.  All the sites, all the comms, twitter, facebook, the grocery store.  If we can get #LegendoftheSeeker trending, then we can stuff TNT's inbox to the brim with our requests just as easily, but we need people to actually show up and hit send.

After we finish with our TNT Partay, I'll set up a post for the next station, and we can spend three days doing the same thing all over again.  (And repeat, and repeat, and repeat.)  I'm compiling a list of stations big and small that we can contact in this way, so if you have any suggestions, please comment below!  
Sarahoo!sarabones on May 14th, 2010 06:50 pm (UTC)
OMG. I just had the brightest idea xD
What if we asked both AM and XFILES fandom to help us? Even if they only sent the email.. That would be great don't you think?

Also I already sent an e-mail yesterday and was planning to send a snail mail this upcoming week but I learned that US-Portugal snail mail takes 2 weeks to get to the receiver :/ I could send it on Monday but they would get it probably in June LOL

I can send the same email with some modifications (from your example) and send again. :)
I can still send the snail mail to, if getting there late isn't a problem.
Morgen: lots: k: and so it beginsmorgenwrites on May 14th, 2010 07:01 pm (UTC)
Sure, if you know people in those fandoms and want to contact them about helping out, that'd be great!

And yes, please do send another email to them on Monday to help with the influx of emails. As far as the snail mail from Portugal, two weeks is a while, but if the postage isn't a problem for you, I'd say go for it. After all, what can it hurt! :)
Sarahoo!sarabones on May 14th, 2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
I'm still debating with my brain elders about the snail mail.
But sure thing, I will email them Monday and modify my own email :D