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Vote for the t-shirt design

Poll #1573111 Vote for tshirt design

Which design would you like on the tshirts?

Number 1
Number 2
Update 6/6

Order info here.


Update 6/4

Polls are closed. Thanks for voting!

Poll results:

The shirt design will be Number 1 by KaliWeir.

I'll start accepting shirt orders on June 6th. I'll have final shipping prices for you guys by then.


Original t-shirt journal entry can be found HERE.

Here is the poll for the tshirt design. Voting will be closed on June 4th at 4pm PST. Many thanks to kaliweir  and tarlanciel  for taking the time to make these awesome tshirt designs.


Number 1
by kaliweir   (HD version)
number 1

Number 2 by tarlanciel   (HD version)
number 2

Pricing (not including shipping):

Number 1 design by kaliweir   will be in the 1 color column. Number 2 design by tarlanciel   will be in the 3 color column.

Also, I believe someone was asking about adding some text to the back of the shirt. If we wanted to add a second 1 color design it would cost an extra $2.50 per shirt. For example, if we wanted "Save Our Seeker" in one color on the back of the shirt, it would be an additional $2.50 per shirt.


June 4: Voting will close at 4pm PST

June 6 to June 13:
 After a new design is chosen, I'll need folks to email me the number of shirts and shirt sizes they would like. To get an exact price, I will need to know the exact number of shirts people want. Hopefully, we can get enough people to fill the minimum order of 24 shirts. The pricing will follow the table above. I'll take shirt orders from June 6th to June 13th. I'll email everyone the final price and get your approval for your shirt order. But if you would not want a shirt after knowing the final price, that is fine.

I should also have final shipping prices for you guys by June 6th for multiple shirt orders.

Contact info:
I can be contacted at

Note: I also posted this at forums but I'm using for voting. Please vote at one poll only.


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