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DVD Library Donation Project

This will be the page where we'll post updates on the Library-DVD drive. Thanks to your generous donations, about 250 'Legend of the Seeker' Season One DVDs will be donated to public libraries in the US. 

Some fans purchased a few DVDs and they're contacting and donating the DVDs directly to their local libraries. We'll report on those donations once we find out about them. Other fans sent us brand new DVDs from Europe so we could donate them to a US Library.



Our approach has been to donate to libraries in the top Neilson markets/cities, but before we mail the DVDs, we're contacting the library directors to make sure they do accept DVD donations. Some libraries don't (but gladly accept recommendations for new titles), for example donations may not be generally integrated into their collection, but are put out for sale to the public  (i.e. Kings County Library, NJ). The Chicago Public Library explained that due to the high cost of cataloging and processing unsolicited materials, they cannot accept donated materials. Sadly, many libraries are understaffed, so it's taking longer than expected to hear back from them.

SoS shipping department ;)

Firstly, the 60 sets to send to Terry Goodkind for personalization
were bought to mail to those of you who donated over $100.

between the team, a fair quantity of others (such as this) were purchased that same day to contribute to the effort on May 26th to get the DVD on the Amazon rankings, which it did at #11. We used Barnes & Noble to purchase the remaining number.

Response & Fun Stuff

Of those that have so far accepted, there have been some nice responses we thought we'd share:

We would be interested in receiving donations of Legend of the Seeker.  We do own 2 copies of season 1 (shared amongst 10 branches), that have been circulating continually and are checked out right now.  So there is definitely demand here. I looked up saveourseeker.com and I think it’s great when libraries receive material like this, best wishes in your donation drive." - Library Manager, Ohio.

"We do accept donations with certain restrictions.  In this case, since I am familiar with the series and it’s not in our collection, we’d be happy to add it." -Library Director, Minnesota.

"Thank you for your offer of a free set of the first season of “Legend of the Seeker” on DVD. As a small stand-alone library, without the resources of a large library system, we have a very limited DVD budget. I would be happy to add this series to our collection, especially with its connection to the Terry Goodkind books (which we do have in our collection)." -Librarian, Washington.

"These sound like nice sets and my husband will probably be the first to check them out.  He loves this series." -Library Director, Florida.

The New York City Public Library only has one DVD set remaining as one set is missing, and another is lost. The one on their catalog has 27 holds. Response from the library: "We are pleased to accept your generous offer of the DVD sets."

We will not send any DVDs to the Cleveland-Akron libraries as they already own 17 copies (owned by all CLEVNET Libraries). *applause please* http://cpl.org/


Happy librarians at Woodbury Public Library, CT with a donation.


Below are the libraries that have received the DVDs so far, in parentheses is the number of sets sent to each.


Navajo County Library (1), Holbrook, www.navajocountylibraries.org


Arcadia Public Library (2), http://www.ci.arcadia.ca.us/home/index.asp?page=664
Sacramento Public Library (3), http://www.saclibrary.org/

San Diego Public Library  (5), http://sandiego.gov/public-library
San Francisco Peninsula Library System (2), Redwood City,
Moreno Valley Public Library (1) http://moreno-valley.ca.us
Torrance Public Library (2), http://www.torrnet.com/Library/5465.htm


Poudre River Public Library, Fort Collins (4), http://www.poudrelibraries.org


The Brookfield Library, (2) Brookfield, http://www.brookfieldlibrary.org/
Woodbury Public Library (1), Woodbury http://www.biblio.org/woodbury/


Brevard County Libraries (2), Cocoa, http://www.brev.org/

St. Petersburg Public Library, St. Petersburg (3), www.splibraries.org


DeKalb County Public Library (5),
Fulton County Library (4), http://www.afpls.org/


La Grange Park Public Library (1), La Grange Park, http://www.lplibrary.org/



Bellingham Library (1), www.bellinghamlibrary.org/

Boston Public Library (3), http://www.bpl.org
Hills/Rodgers Memorial Library (2), http://www.rodgerslibrary.org/
Reading Public Library (1), http://www.readingpl.org
Sanbornton Public Library (1), Promo on their facebook for SoS


Owatonna Public Library  (1), Owatonna, http://ci.owatonna.mn.us/library

Saint Paul Public Library (4) Saint Paul, MN, http://www.stpaul.lib.mn.us/


St. Louis Public Library (3), St. Louis, http://www.slpl.org/

Jefferson County Library (2), High Ridge, http://www.jeffersoncountylibrary.org/


Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library (2), Hudson, http://www.rodgerslibrary.org/

Sanbornton Public Library (2), http://splib.pbworks.com/


Vineland Public Library (2), http://www.vinelandlibrary.org/


New York Public Library/Mid-Manhattan Library (8), http://www.nypl.org/


Rowan Public Library (2), Salisbury, http://www.rowancountync.gov/GOVERNMENT/Departments/PublicLibrary/tabid/145/Default.aspx

Stanly County Public Librar(1), www.stanlycountylibrary.org


Lincoln County Library District (1), Newport, http://lcld.blog-city.com/

Silver Falls Library (1), Silverton, http://www.silverfalls.plinkit.org/


Adams Memorial Library (1), Latrobe, http://www.adamslib.org
Atlantic County Library (6), Egg Harbor City, http://atlanticlibrary.org
Beaver Area Memorial Library (1), Beaver, http://www.librarytechnology.org/lwc-displaylibrary.pl?RC=7899
Bethlehem Area Public Library (1), http://bapl.org
Cheltenham Township Library (1), Glenside, http://www.cheltenhamlibraries.org/
Glenside Free Library (1),
Philbrick Popular Library (6), Philadelphia,
Village Library (1), Morgantown, http://www.villagelibrary.org/

Vineland Public Library (2), http://www.vinelandlibrary.org/


Dallas Public Library (5), www.dallaslibrary2.org/ 

Farmers Branch Library (1), http://www.ci.farmers-branch.tx.us/play/manske-library

Flower Mound Public Library (1), www.fmlibrary.net/

Fort Worth Library (7), http://www.fortworthgov.org/Library/

Frisco Public Library (5), http://www.friscolibrary.com/
Grand Prairie Public Library (1), http://www.gptx.org/, Library newsletter and SF/Fantasy newsletter promoting SoS
J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (2), http://dallaslibrary2.org/central/index.php
McKinney Public Library (1), www.mckinneypubliclibrary.org/ 

Quinlan Community Library (1), http://sites.google.com/site/quinlancommunitylibrary/
Smith Public Library (1), http://www.wylietexas.gov/departments/library/index/index.php
Tawakoni Public Library (1), Quinlan, http://www.tawakonilibrary.com/


Burlington Public Library, Burlington, WA, (2), www.burlington.lib.wa.us


Oak Creek Library (2), Oak Creek, http://www.librarytechnology.org/lwc-displaylibrary.pl?RC=25728

This post will be continually updated when when we can name more libraries that have accepted our donations.

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