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Rip-away poster design for Comic Con and Dragon*Con

Hey everyone,

As you all know, the SoS.com team asked for design submissions for the rip-away posters to be displayed around the San Diego Convention Center during Comic Con and Dragon*Con in Atlanta this September. There were many really awesome designs, thank you to everyone who participated. You can view all of them here.

From these, the SoS.com team have chosen this submission to be printed, by the talented twosome of Miriam (tarlanciel ) and Alicia (relaxjolene ) =

We hope you agree that this design felt the most suited to the message we want to give potential fans, while also looking very attractive, professional and not infringing any feasible copyright claims. It has already been sent to the vendor, Street Virus, and there is an example page of rip-away posters here if you'd like to see what they will look similar to.

With this viral marketing as well as the iTunes giveaway flyers previously announced, Legend of the Seeker should have a noticeable presence at Comic Con and hopefully mean many new fans for our show :D

Of course, none of this would be possible if not for your generous donations and continued support; we can't thank you all enough ♥ If you have any queries, please send them to contact@saveourseeker.com
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