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"The Sword of Truth" DragonCon Posters

For the coolest party at DragonCon 2010, we are looking for artistic fans that can design posters for the LotS party on Sunday, September 5th.

The posters will decorate the room where the LotS party will take place and guests will be able to take the posters home should they wish to do so.

There's room to hang as many posters as we want, so we have 3 different printing options:
  1. print and bring the poster yourself
  2. pay for print and send it to those of us who will be at DC (will provide mailing address)
  3. submit it for consideration so we can pay for printing, knowing there's a chance it won't be picked.
We'll choose the top 10.

THEME: scenes/sections of "The Sword of Truth" books we have yet to see in the TV show.

  • color or black & white
  • no text except your signature
  • 16" W x 20" H at 200-300 DPI portrait
  • JPG or PNG file
  • Please refer to detailed specs at if you want us to print your poster (will be printed on glossy, 12 point paper)
  • Paintings, drawings, manipulations and all forms of digital art will be considered (there is no concern as far as copyright goes since the posters will have a limited distribution



Please upload your poster at
Username: Saveourseeker
Password: seeker  

---> Please add your name in the comment field, and make sure to send us an email, to let us know you've uploaded your poster so we have a way to contact you if needed. Thank you.
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