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25 January 2012 @ 06:50 pm
Mod Post: The Tagging System and Request a Tag  
The Tagging System

The new tagging system works the same way as the ones on agadenreach, peoplespalace, and lotseekerfic. If you already know how to use those, read no further, you know what to do. ^_^

Each entry on legendofseeker must be tagged with every tag that applies, including any category tags (the ones that start with !), character, pairing, and user.

Only moderators can add new tags. As we're just starting out we have a basic list but there may be a lot of tags, especially character, pairing, and user, that will need to be added as new posts are made, and as I go through the old posts and retag the old entries. Retagging the old entries will take time, since there are over three thousand. I will make an announcement when all entries have been tagged.

If you need a user tag, or another tag that doesn't exist yet, comment here and a moderator will add it for you.

Continual failure to tag your entries will result in your posts having to go through the moderation queue before appearing on the community. 

The first post you make here from this point forward will go into the moderation queue, so that I'll get a notification and be able to add a user tag for you.

How Tags Work:

Tags let you organize your entries into categories so that you can quickly find related entries in the comm.

For example, all entries that involve fanfiction are tagged "!fanfiction." Now, anyone who clicks on the "!fanfiction" tag in the sidebar will see all entries that have to do with fanfiction.

The same goes for every other tag. Click on "character: richard" to see all entries that have to do with Richard, "pairings: richard/nicci" for all entries to do with them.

That's what makes user tags so nifty. If, instead of searching by subject like "pairing: zedd/shota" , you want to search by user - you can do that. Let's say you really like everything that rkc_erika  posts. Well, now you can click on "user: rkc_erika" and you'll get everything she's ever posted in this comm. :D

The only exception is mod!posts: Mods don't use their user tag when they are doing a mod!post. You'll need to click on "mod!post" to see those.

So please, on all of your entries, use every tag that applies, and if you need a new tag, let me know by commenting on this post. Comments are screened. You can also PM me, if you'd rather do that.

Still confused? There are LJ tutorials here and here.
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pristineungift: richard: big goddamn heropristineungift on January 30th, 2012 02:32 am (UTC)
I'm on it! ^_^
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pristineungift: darken: mod!postpristineungift on April 8th, 2012 08:39 pm (UTC)
Put your post into the moderation queue, and I'll add them to it as it comes through. <3