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04 February 2012 @ 10:32 am
Journey Book Campaign Special Event: Ken Biller Edition & Contest  

Update 03/03/12: The contest is now over and the winners are to be announced via the @SaveOurSeeker Twitter later today.

Save Our Seeker Contest

An industry insider has told SaveOurSeeker.com that Legend of the Seeker Executive Producer Ken Biller, more than anyone else, is the one that we need to encourage to fight to bring back the series.

We've never written to Mr. Biller before and he needs to understand just how hard the fandom has worked to bring the show back and how much they still want it nearly two years later.

To make the February Journey Book Campaign more exciting, and to stress just how important Mr. Biller could be to the future of Legend of the Seeker, we are launching a contest with amazing prizes as an incentive for all fans to participate. The grand prize will be a hand crafted sterling silver Sword of Truth pendant graciously donated by Terry Goodkind in support of this contest. For a full list of prizes click here.

To enter the contest, you'll need to email a picture of your Journey Book Campaign letter, or postcard, or greeting card, and any other item you're sending. Please refer to the forum post  by OfficialTG and the Noteworthy Campaigns section of this post for great ideas on getting noticed . Contest winners will be notified via email and will be required to submit their name and a valid shipping address in order to receive prizes. We'll ship the prizes via priority mail and do retain a receipt as proof of shipment. See Contest Rules for more details on how to enter and other important information.

Contacting Ken Biller

Every week during the month of February, please write to:

Ken Biller
C/O Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue Of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Contest Rules

  • Contest start date: February 4, 2012
  • Contest end date: March 2, 2012
  • Email your photo TO: SOScontest.20505@uploads.photobucket.com and CC: contest@saveourseeker.com. Your photo will be automatically posted to the contest photo album at http://photobucket.com/SOScontest. You will receive a confirmation email from photobucket after your submission is complete. If you do not receive your confirmation email and you do not see your submission in the SOScontest photobucket album, you may need to resubmit your entry.
  • Multiple entries are allowed and highly encouraged!
  • No fee is required to enter the contest.
  • Contest is open to fans worldwide.
  • Be sure to include proper postage.

Feel free to post a pic of your letter on your Facebook and/or Twitter account, or any other social network.

Update 2/18/12: Some people appear to have misunderstood specific contest details. Please note that all entries should be a photo or scanned copy of your letter or postcard. Ideally the photo should also contain an addressed envelope or postcard with proper postage applied. If your entry contains digital artwork, please print it out and incorporate it into a letter or postcard, then take a photo or scan it before submitting. Also note that all entries are closely reviewed, and stealing another person's entry will not be tolerated. Doing so will result in disqualification, with your submission being deleted.


More photos of these prizes can be seen here: http://photobucket.com/JBC-prizes

Noteworthy Campaigns
  • SaveOurSeeker.com: Over $39,000 raised in support of the series
  • Three ads [1 , 2] in major entertainment publications (Variety, THR x2)
  • Bus Shelter ad [photo here]
  • Variety.com banner ad [shown here]
  • Google ads [screenshot here]
  • Facebook banner ad [found here]
  • Over 400 Season 1 & 2 DVDs donated to public libraries in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand - with support from Terry Goodkind, Craig Horner, and Bridget Regan!
  • International fan videos [LOTSvideo] and Save Our Seeker video from DragonCon [link]
  • The Seeker Cast podcast [TheSeekerCast.com]
  • The Seeker Wall - Faces of real fans who refuse to give up: [SeekerWall.com]
  • More than 402,000 fans on the official Seeker page are still hoping for Season 3, http://www.facebook.com/LegendoftheSeeker
  • Over 52,000 (with a goal of 50,000) signatures on Petition Spot, making it the third most signed entertainment-related petition: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3
  • Fan tables at conventions around the world [calendar here], with several thousand Seeker-themed posters [photo here], bookmarks [photo here] and iTunes downloads given away, plus fan panels, costume parades, etc - Dragon Con 2010 [photos here], RingCon 2010 [photos here], ROMICS 2010, [photos here, videos here], NYCC 2010 [photos here] and NYCC newsletter that went out to 25,000 people with ad sponsored by LotS fans [screenshot here], WonderCon 2011 [photos here], Naples Comicon 2011 [photos here], Big Apple Comic-Con [photos here], DragonCon 2011 [photos here].

Thank you for your continued participation! "Just gotta keep our voices clamoring, politely but consistently, and the more voices the better." :)

Book Lover for Lifesot_fan on February 17th, 2012 04:13 pm (UTC)
We appreciate your comment, but Ken Biller is the one that needs to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to write a letter or postcard. If you don't know what to say, you can find some postcards you can print at http://forums.legendoftheseeker.org/showthread.php/7363-quot-Do-The-Right-Thing-quot

Thank you.